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A Dynasty Never Imagined by the Framers of the 1987 Constitution

May 24, 2022Articles0 comments

After the onslaught of the Marcos Dynasty from 1965-1986, the Constitutional Commission of 1987 proscribed the formation of political dynasties participating in popular elections.

The framers thought that by term limitations and anti-dynasty provision, democracy is strengthened. Where else will they declare these policies but in the Charter no less.

Those who threw out the Marcoses slept the sleep of the just. But they forgot to shepherd an anti-dynasty law. Personal interest crept in.

Cory groomed his son Noynoy as her successor. FVR has his nephew Ranjit blowing Congress.

From these precedents we have transformed Ilocos Norte and Davao City as veritable monarchies…and Ilocos Sur, Sarangani, Makati City, Bukidnon, ad infinitum. For three decades, we have been buried by an epidemic of dynasties.

Fast forward to 2022: what the 1987 Charter feared most slashed our unsuspecting faces, the ghost of Marcos Sr is now the President-elect and the daughter of an outgoing President is waiting to be sworn in as Vice President.

The Duterte dynasty is the blue chip of dynasties with a corporate life of half a century, we reckon.

In the assembly line are Inday, Polong, Baste, and Kitty. How about the monarchy from the North? We have Liza, Imee, Sandro and one Matthew Manotoc. That is 48 years in succession not to mention an impromptu retirement run of the old man Rody, bent like a parenthesis, as Vice President of Kitty when she turns 40, the statutory age of a presidential candidate.

The presidency is no longer a position notched by destiny or divine intervention but in accordance to plans of mice and men blueprinted by an inutile constitution churned by a betrayed revolution.

Image credit: https://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/iq/252122-iatf-proposed-amendments-1987-philippine-constitution/



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