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DUTERTE jokes…..6

Sep 4, 2016Articles0 comments

la pampaguenaWho knows the poor better—government social workers or district representatives?

Who knows the CONTRACTORS better—DPWH or Tongressmen?

MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte said Wednesday he was not planning on becoming a dictator even as his bloody war on drugs left hundreds killed and raised international alarm.

It was, he said, for GEN BATO to decide on when he succeeds him in 2022. The General said he is still into fundraising from personalities he included in the PRESIDENTIAL LIST.

In a light moment during the House Appropriations Committee hearing on the Department of Interior and Local Government’s (DILG) budget proposal for 2017, Misamis Occidental Representative Henry Oaminal praised Dela Rosa’s performance as head of the PNP, before saying in jest that the chief could become President Rodrigo Duterte’s successor.

Upon hearing this, Bongbong and Cayetano were seen in a huddle on who will be the Prez and VP bets between them in 2022. Cayetano was advised by his sister, Pia, to move for the immediate termination of the Senate hearings to cut Bato’s Media exposure. Sonny Trillanes might object because he is now courting Bato to name Trillanes as Bato’s running mate.

“President Duterte eats threats for breakfast and lunch. Meaning to say, it is not something new to him. He said it again and again that he puts his honor, his life, his presidency on the line. It is a very heroic stand,” Spokesman Abella said.

He didn’t say what the Pesident eats at DINNER….

An alleged plot to assassinate President Duterte has been uncovered on a tip from the US Homeland Security that led to the arrest of two gun smugglers and the confiscation of parts for 100 M16 rifles, police authorities said on Thursday.

The CHR appeals to the plotters to respect the human rights of the President.

Rody doesn’t want Steve Harvey to host the forthcoming Miss UNIV beauty pageant to be held in Manila in January nxt year.

GMA, a staunch DU30 contributor, recommended GARCI instead….”Guaranteed si Garci Digong….He delivers.”

Should Marcos be buried at the LnmB? The SC allowed petitioners to recount the torture they claimed Marcos and his Implementors inflicted on them 40 years ago.

Fast Fwrd 10 or so years from now, will the ODICTAS et al as PETITIONERS cite as precedent the Marcos case being heard right now in a future controversy on where DU30 should be buried? To skirt this divisive issue, Leila de Lima is now fast-tracking a Bill that would divide LnmB into two: LIBINGAN NG MGA BAYANING NASA LANGIT at LIBINGAN NG MGA BAYANING NASA IMPIERNO.

The BIR’s collections for the first seven months of the year was 20-percent short of the P1.132 trillion goal for the period while that of the BoC was 21 percent lower than the target of P281.3 billion.

The TAXES collected from FUNERARIAS and MEMORIAL PARKS peaked however.

Gen BATO was seen donning an ILONGGOT costume while addressing the PNP in the mountinous North.








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