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DUTERTE’S a joke…..19

Oct 9, 2016Articles0 comments

duterte kissing fansSlut is a term for a woman or girl who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous, they unwittingly described Leila, their colleague. With this statement coming from the LADY SENATORS themselves the House unanimously withdrew its plan to summon Leila.

villarsSagip party-list Rep. Rodante Marcoleta “is applying for membership” in the majority, according to Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, a member of the opposition faction that supported the bid of Ifugao Rep. Teddy Baguilat to be minority leader in July.“Though we’re no longer the ‘Legitimate 8,’ now we’re the ‘Magnificent 7,’” Lagman told the Inquirer.

The applicant is a confessed porn addict and he looks forward to viewing the much awaited video Speaker Panty promised to show in the august Constituent Triple X Assembly.



Under the proposal, QC homeowners’ associations would subject its residents to voluntary drug testing and passers would be given the sticker. The suggestion was immediately bucked by homeowners, citing possible “adverse effects” in their communities and fears over planting of evidence, extortion and lack of confidentiality.

LACK OF CONFIDENTIALITY- Tha PNP supplies ur name to the Presidential List and Matrix up for PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT.

EVIDENCE PLANTING- DOJ dismisses cases on Duterte’s express instructions.

EXTORTION- Law enforcers harass complainants and threatened EJK if cases are pursued. If CONVICTED, Duterte has provided signed and antedated PARDONS.

The SC will soon be packed by DUTERTE appointments as 10 Justices retire by the end of his watch. The guy has CONGRESS and the SC by their BALLS. With bloated budget, he spoils rotten the AFP PNP and the NBI. SOON he gets his GESTAPO: the revitalized PHILIPPINE CONSTABULARY. We will have a new Charter institutionalizing TOKHANG or EXECUTIVE INQUIRY issued in the name of national security akin to FM’s ASSO of yore implemented by JPE as an exception to the BILL OF RIGHTS.

If these scenarios don’t chill u up, these sure don’t have freezing but embalming effect.

mocha-flag-tattooInaway US UN EU MEXICO VATICAN. Now mga Juice naman at German Cut.

Juice koh Mochang mga taga URANUS na lang kakampi ni Rody ah

Misis nasakpan nakig-sex sa laing balay-headline

WALAY kabutangan sa kasuko sa usa ka mister human iyang nasakpan ang iyang asawa nga nagpakurog sa kuwarto samtang nagkabayo sa iyang kabit nga daw nagkagod, alas 10 sa gabii, Miyerkules, sa Washington Street, Barangay 39-D, Poblacion, dakbayan sa Davao.

Pinahahanting ni Digong. “Alam nila nasa Vietnam ako? Humanda sila.”

“Sabi nila pa-plano-plano raw ang CIA na patayin ako. Susmaryosep, ginoo,” the President said in a speech before the members of the Filipino community in Vietnam on Wednesday evening.

After shaming the MABILOGS and executing gangland style the ODICTAS and a host of others in Panay Island coopting BOY LECHON, no doubt a newly resurrected CERTIFIED ILONGGO ASSOC is out to get someone…..

MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday said he’d be happy to slaughter 3 million drug addicts, and even compared his act to that of Adolf Hitler.

We should invite the CANNING FACTORY MALING here to do their business. No more Chinese meatloaf for us. Wow. Pinoy Meatloaf with a dash of Meth not for domestic consumption to be exclusively exported to the RUSSIAN MARKET [courtesy of Byron Villegas].

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) said Thursday it had been denied entry to the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) by the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police since the latter took over security at the facility two months ago.

SAF don’t talk to HUMANS, echoing the President’s rebuff of Jaybee Sebastian’s plea to confess to him alone.

When Chito Gascon tried to talk to the SAF Commander, all he heard were grunts hisses and barks.


Q What happened in Bilibid that resulted in TONY CO’S death?

Speaker Panty Alvarez: Rumble!

Gen Bato: Pitik Bulag!

Sec BMW Aguirre: RIOT!

Danny Panty Liner Suarez: CHAROT!


Q What is the cause of death of Tony Co?

Gen Bato: NaTETANO!

Speaker Panty: NagBIGTI!

Sec BMW Aguirre: Anal hemorrhage!

Danny Panty Liner Suarez: Nadulas. Nagpagulong-gulong. Napunta sa EDSA. Nasagasaan sa BATASAN.


Q Sinong BATO ang darling ng Senado?

Gen Bato: Eh ‘di ako!

Speaker Panty: Clue pls. Taga CotaBATO ba?

Sec BMW: Makintab ba ang ulo?

MFL Danny Panty Liner: BATOgan? Eh ‘di si PNoy!

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Dir. Gen. Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa defended SAF commandos manning the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) from critics blaming the elite cops for failing to prevent high-profile inmates from smuggling contraband inside the penitentiary.

Gen Bato Speaker Panty Minority Floor Leader Danny Panty Liner and Sec BMW Aguirre will shortly join the BATTLE OF THE BRAINLESS.

Now you start to miss Joker and Miriam….as Moderators.






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