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DUTERTE’S a joke…..35

Nov 29, 2016Articles0 comments

trumpCong. Jose Salceda filed a resolution this week seeking to “refuse Donald J. Trump entry into the Philippines” for the “wholesale labeling of Filipinos as coming from a ‘terrorist’ state.”

Trump staff called the HOUSE to inquire on the sub-cultural practice in the Bicol Region whether surnames determine the gender of the person. “We’re just confused because you have Joey Lina, Sonia Angara, Kokay Pimentel, Pinky Lacson, Harriet Roquetita…”


The camp of defeated vice presidential bet Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is urging the Department of Justice to file criminal charges against Commission on Elections (Comelec) staff and Smartmatic officers for allegedly tampering with the results of the May 9 elections.leonardo-perez

Bongbong waxes sentimental on the halcyon days of COMELEC Chairman Leonardo Perez a math genius and a lawyer at that (a rarity these days) who was touted to be the best vote counter there was preceding the computer and the internet and proclaiming the winners even prior to the official tally. “Kung narito lang si Manong Leony, malamang buhay pa siya.”

FOUNDATION LAUNCH. President Rodrigo Duterte, accompanied by his common-law wife Honeylet Avanceña, accepts a portrait of his late mother Soledad Duterte from businessman Ramon Ang. Earlier, he begged off Kris Aquino’s invite to a one-on-one exchange.kris

Kibitzers who are in the know claim that there is a striking similarity between Honeylet and Krissy. “Pareho chinita.”

“Alam ni Honeylet na mahilig sa Mayor si Miss Aquino kaya nagdabog before the event. ‘Di tuloy tumuloy.” one Uzi was seen ticking her fingers “Mayor Chong, Mayor Junjun, Mayor Bistek…..mukhang prospect si Mayor Digong.”

Ronnie Nathanielz finally went to Heaven. At the Pearly Gates, he was welcomed by Ninoy, Jovy, and Soc Rodrigo. A special garland was given him with a note that reads: Best Sports Commentator. Angels and residents applauded but the newcomer looks forlorn. “O ano problema Ronnie? Why the long face?” Cory asked. Ronnie replied, “wala pala cuentang kaibigan yang si Marcos. Alam nya darating ako ‘di man lang nya ako sinalubong.” Butz responded, “wala sya rito Ron, nasa Libingan ng Mga Bayani.”

Kris Aquino said she went on a diet prior to her DUTERTE ONE-ON-ONE.

“Twenty-six na lang ang bewang ko. Sisiguraduhin ko 25 sa next time na pagkikita natin,” she said in jest.

Actually, the President visited Vicky Belo on consultation on how to go about diamond peel procedure. “Hopeless” Vicky opined. “Tongue-fix, kaya kita Mayor!” Dr Belo added.

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Where the Mayor Espinosa EJK be proved regular and service of warrants legal.  what would prevent the CIDG or NBI to serve warrants to convicts inside the NATIONAL BELIEVE IT OR NOT?




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