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DUTERTE’S a joke….37

Nov 29, 2016Articles0 comments

A team composed of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Special Action Force (SAF) and the Bureau of Immigration (BI) found Chinese workers at an online gaming office in the Information Technology Park in Clark, Pampanga, according to a report by ABS-CBN reporter Henry Omaga-Diaz.

The Duterte Adminstration is a boon to BPOs or call centers contrary to claims by the Opposition that BPOs are on the way out cutting jobs of millions of Filipino employes. The BPOs are here to stay however this time hiring thousands of Overseas Chinese workers. Duterte, after his meet with Xi Jianping, promised jobs to unemployed Chinese from the Mainland. “We welcome your hungry naked unemployed people to our country.” the President swore to his counterpart. So there.

We have a war between a Homicidal Maniac and a Nymphomaniac….after we’ve grown tired of Kleptomaniacs.

rudy-farinas“May SEX VIDEO ba kayo?” tanong na isang Congressman kay Ronnie Dayan sa HOUSE hearing kahapon.

“Kami ho wala pero si Congressman Fariñas meron po kay VIVIAN VELEZ” sagot ng testigo.

stoneNagmeeting ang JUSTICE LEAGUE yesterday sa Senate. Of course andun si Superman (Gen. Bato) na habang nag titestify ay humagulgol. Inamo naman s’ya ni Batman (Kerwin) at inabutan ng tissue. Matipid naman ang mga ngiti ni Catwoman (Leila) at matalim ang tingin kay Lex Luthor (Vit Aguirre). Matalim ang mga tanung ni HULK (Pacman) kay Batman. Humagulgol din si Superboy (Col. Marcos) sa tanung ni Flash Gordon (eh sino pa nga ba?). Subalit naudlot ang hunta ng may nagbalita na namataan na raw si Invisible Man (Ronnie) at kinilig, pumikit, at humalinghing si Catwoman. “Adjourned!” ‘ika ni Federacíon Chair Facifica Falayfay…..

Ronnie Dayan described his sexual liaison by way of typhoon intensity: Signal Number 5 by the first year and down to signal number 1 on the waning years.

Richter Scale: Mas precise. May Tsunami pa!

Doy Leachon made a slip. “Dapat sa restoran kau nag-uusap at nagaabutan tulad ng mga engineer kung makipag-usap.”

Ganun ang transaction sa SOP ng Pork Barrel.

President Rodrigo Duterte “charmed” New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully on Tuesday as he justified the Philippine government’s controversial war on illegal drugs.

Foreign Affairs ministers are like ambassadors. They manufacture “Goodwill.” They always say “Fantastic” “Great” “Wow” when all they actually mean is “Bullcrap.”

They also gush “Stupendous!” when they actually mean “Stupid!

Galit na galit si Kerwin Batman Espinosa kay Marcos during the ongoing Senate hearing on Illgal Drugs. “Hindi dapat ilibing sa LNMB yang si MARCOS!” Kerwin cried. When Pinky Lacson asked for clarification on who is he referring to, Sen. Bam Aquino interrupted him. “Immaterial Mr Chair. Basta Marcos, corrupt.” Bam declared.

Sen. Leila de Lima insists that the police arrested a fake Ronnie Dayan.

“Pati ba naman yung ex-BF ko peke ang iniharap nila. Si Ronnie Daya yung iniharap nila sa presscon.” Leila fumes. She waved the true pic of her erstwhile lover:





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