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DUTERTE’S a joke…41

Dec 5, 2016Articles0 comments

Key administration ally Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano has been put on the defensive after critics questioned his silence over the burial of strongman Ferdinand Marcos at Manila’s heroes’ cemetery, but the usually verbose politician insisted on Friday that he remains opposed to the interment.

bong-and-leniAnyway, the sulking senator was seen being comforted by his erstwhile ally during the Binay inquisition. “Pare, sabihin mo kay Bongbong, ‘pati ba naman libing panakaw? Pati ba naman loteng 100 sq meters sa LNMB, nanakawin mo?'” Sonny Trillanes said reminiscing how Cayetano decimated Bongbong Marcos during one VP debate when the Taguig VP hopeful countered to Marcos “pati ba naman oras ko dito nanakawin mo?” referring to his time quota during the forum.

d-and-tMANILA – U.S. President-elect Donald Trump spoke on the telephone on Friday that lasted just over seven minutes, Christopher Go, said in a text message to media, with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and invited him to visit the White House next year during a “very engaging, animated” talk.

The duration of the call speaks how highly Donald Trump regards the PH leader. “Perfunctory” Bong Go said.

duterte-kissing-fansCAGAYAN DE ORO CITY—The Presidential Security Group (PSG) maintained on Thursday that its men were indeed ambushed earlier this week in southern Marawi city, refuting a claim by a Moro youth group that they made up the story to cover up a potentially embarrassing “accidental” firing of a weapon.

While in Malacanang and in Davao, there’s not much brouhaha whenever there are “accidental” firings of a 71-year old “weapon.”

“Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II has accused Macau-based gambling tycoon Jack Lam of attempting to bribe him a few days after authorities cracked down on unauthorized online gaming operations and illegal aliens working at his casino at Clark Freeport in Pampanga.

aguirre-panelo-20160527-640x480“Aguirre said he believed the bribe offer to him was P100 million a month.He accused Lam, with the help of Willy Sombrero, of spending at least P70 million to pay off BI agents so they would release the illegal Chinese nationals who either had tourist passports or work permits for other entities at Clark Freeport.”

Lam made the offer appears more delectable when he said that he has a cosmetic surgeon for a friend in Shanghai who does fantastic “hair transplant, provided he harvests pubes hair.” Those in the know from Mulanay, Quezon attest that the DOJ Secretary has separate hair pieces even down down below. “Makintab din dun.” a Quezon local official affirms.

Philip Morris International, the world’s largest international tobacco company, could eventually stop selling cigarettes, its chief executive told the BBC on Wednesday, as it launched its alternative product IQOS in the UK market.

honeylet-letBecause of the medicinal benefit of MJ, compared to Shabu that “shrinks the brain” according to the President, the Duterte adminstration is expected to legalize weed. Asked what ailment MJ cures, the DOH Sec said, “bipolar disorder.”

marvin-marrcos“May tumawag sa akin. Di ko na sabihin [kung sino], basta may tumawag sa akin. Hindi ako nag-sinungaling ah, pero ayokong sabihin sa’yo kung sino yung tumawag dahil akin na lang yun. Basta may tumawag sa akin,” Philippine National Police (PNP), Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa told Karen Davila on ANC’s Headstart where he revealed on Tuesday that he received a call from a “higher official,” ordering the reinstatement of Superintendent Marvin Marcos.

“Alam ko na kung sino. Mas mataas kay Gen. Bato. Eh di si Vice President Bongbong!” Karen clarified.

duterte_2_1Palace denies Rody passed out-HEADLINE.

He made a pass, actually. He was rebuffed. He asked Bong who in turn asked Fr. Evasco to quit attending Cabinet meetings.

rudy-farinas“Pero sila ngayon, pinu-puna-puna kami dito, akala mo mga supervisor namin sila. Hindi namin supervisor yang mga senador na yan ah. And then they are saying ‘dapat ganito, dapat ganito.’ Why will they teach us how we conduct our business? We’re not teaching them how they conduct their business,” Rudy Fariñas said.

He added, “marunong ba silang kumuha ng video? Sila trying to be above suspicion. Kami, soulmate ng Presidente. Kung anung masarap gawin, gagawin.”








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