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DUTERTE’S a joke…..60

Mar 23, 2017Articles0 comments

PHOENIX (AP) – Authorities say they have uncovered a dangerous new trend in drug trafficking in Arizona in which addicts are taking counterfeit OxyContin pills that are laced with the more powerful painkiller fentanyl-Fox News.

Coming at the heels of NYT article “Duterte: The Making of a Strongman”, this piece of Fox news on Fentanyl will merit a strong condemnation from Malacañang. “Sino ngaun ang drug user?” Leila supplements her motion at the SC.

Lee de Paauw, an 18-year-old from Queensland state, was at a hostel in the northern Queensland town of Innisfail around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday when he started bragging that he could swim in the river, a known habitat for aggressive saltwater crocodiles, said Sophie Paterson, a British backpacker who was at the hostel.

Koko Pimentel claims that Speaker Alvarez is a ‘sleeping giant crocodile’ in his House of Representatives which is known as habitat of insatiable crocs. “That’s why I’m warning the Vice President not to swim in Batasan Swamp….” he declared.

Being born into such a wealthy family, David Rockefeller unsurprisingly lived much of his life in opulent splendour and privilege. As a young boy in Manhattan, he would roller-skate along Fifth Avenue trailed by a limousine just in case he or his siblings became tired.

At the local scene, Bongbong Marcos and Jackie Enrile would convert ‘Where Else’ in Manila Intercon and ‘Star Gazer’ in Silahis Hotel as shooting ranges whenever they get tired of discoing. “Yan po ang original na ‘Tokhang’…putok, handusay. Sori na lang kapag natsambahan ka” recalledVincent Eleazar on the heyday of the power duo during Martial Law.

Piolo, nagsalita na sa viral kissing video nila ni Iñigo-News

Baste nagsalita rin sa viral kissing video nila ni Rody. “Actually diri man kiss yun. Minamasahe ko lang ba ang pisngi niya.” klaro ni presidential son.

Senate President Koko Pimentel: “Who threw the punch first? So it’s like the Speaker just reacted and he has the numbers, that’s the problem. You woke a sleeping giant.”

Tito Sotto: “Kung dumating sa Senate, beware of Pacman’s punch. He will move the OVP vacant. Bahala na kami.”

Manny Pacquiao: “So everything now is boxing. We really need a Boxing Commision to decide the fate of the nation. Frank Drilon lost his common sense this time.”

SolGen Calida, inialay ang serbisyo kay Alvarez sakaling ituloy ang pag-impeach kay VP Robredo-News

Mocha, iaalay ang SERBISYO kay Calida. “Pakisabi kay SolGen, virgin pa ilong ko…kahit retokado”

MANILA, Philippines – There is a greater likelihood of Vice President Leni Robredo getting impeached in the House of Representatives than President Duterte, Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III said yesterday.

PDP (Pacman-DU30-PMENTEL) moves to unseat Leni via Plan B. “Mas mabuti yan keysa si Bongbong ang maging VP…” a gofer of Koko says.






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