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Katrina Enrile cajoled her parents, JPE and Cristina, to kiss before the guests, but her father appeared hesitant, prompting Katrina to shout, “Dad! Kiss Mom!” several times.

Gigi Reyes, bitten by the green monster, banged her head again on the walls of her detention cell….

On September 21, Malacañang nagdeklara na WALA…NAWAWALA si Rody


UST LAW Dean Nilo Divina, Aegis Juris member, COMELEC secret Commission…er


Cong. Fariñas to DoTr and MMDA: “Baka gusto nyo CHR Budget…?”


Fr. Mohammad Soganub


FAELDON natabunan ni GASCON kaya kinasuhan si LACSON Umaalalay nmn si ANDERSON


In the midst of a Warrant vs Faeldon, Davao Group has provided one CONTAINER for his Living Quarters right at the Customs


Gwen Pimentel on Rody’s calling Chito a pedophile: A Gang of Imbeciles is a less apt metaphor in calling Rody’s pals


MABUHAY SI MARCOLETA-erpat ni KULOT!…at sister ni Vit


Those who voted to defund CHR will be re-elected again and again. Thanks to their DYNASTIES….


“If Trillanes is BRIGHT why ain’t he VICE PRESIDENT?” Rody quips “Eh ‘di mas BOBO rin pala si Allan at BBM” Leila retorts


Trillanes will file LIBEL vs Erwin and Mocha “IdiDISMISS ko yan,” DoJ Sec Aguirre texted VACC


Rody admits to suffering STAGE 1 Insanity “Kaya pala mga anak at apo may SAYAD” ‘ika ni LEILA


Tim Orbos: Bayani ng Kuliglig Padyak at HABAL-HABAL


Joey Salceda Harry Roqwe Koko Pimentel will soon issue Statement of Solidarity with their sistah Chit Gascon….


Fr. Soganub prayed hard to God for his freedom. “See? I granted his prayers!” Rody said


SAF SOLDIER who turned over money found in Marawi Mosque to be appointed at Customs


Kursunada sana ni Rody na magkaHAREM Eh kaso mga GURANG na KABETZ ni ERAP kaya sa ILOILO n muna si ESPENIDO


This guy RODY is one lucky guy He’s got it all: HUMOR RUMOR TUMOR PARAMOUR (funeral) PARLOR hehe


May Memo na itatalaga si ESPENIDO sa Ormoc kaya Tio Paeng na ni Rody si Goma…


Kung MABIUDA nga nmn si Lucy Torres baka sya ligawan ni Rody so “YES” na ngarud sa 1k budget ni Chito….


Lucy Torres ayed the CHR P1000 budget dahil ayaw nyang MABIUDA agad



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