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DUTERTE’S a joke….74

Oct 5, 2017Articles0 comments


“Anu WIRETAPPING? Hindi ba PARTYLINE un?” Rody asked Bato’s Intel expert

RODY loves Stevie Wonder’s I JUST CALLED TO SAY “YARI KA NA!”

RODY calls the LP LAPIANG PIPI (The Party of the Mute) as all its members shunned using their phones……baka maWIRETAP kc

CJ SERENO resorts to sign language as she no longer uses all her phones…….

Erap and JPE are queuing at The Pearly Gates. The two fidget on how to answer The Gatekeepers queries. Suddenly Rody is behind them. “Erap anjan na si Rody. Tuturuan tau nyan kung anu isasagot kay St Peter” JPE told Erap “Anu? Mas magaling bang mag-imbento si Rody kesa sa u?” Erap asked

Erap JPE and Rody found themselves at the Pearly Gates “Anu kaya itatanung ni St Peter sa atin,” Erap and JPE asked Rody.

“Vegetarian ka ba? Un lang” Rody replied

“Panu mo nalaman?” the two wondered.

“NaWIRETAP ko si San Pedro” answered Rody.

At the Pearly Gates, Rody told Erap and JPE just to answer the Question of St Peter, “Are u a Vegetarian?”

Erap asked JPE and Rody if ‘flowers’ are veggies?

“Kasi un ang kinakain ko madalas…”

“Kanino bang flowers sinasalad mo?” Rody asks Erap “Anu pa ung kina Loi Guia at Laarni” sagot ni Erap “Pare” bulong ni Rody kay JPE, ” Kimchi un ‘di ba Bai?”

Rody believed Trisha that Andy’s gay and he believed Andy that Trisha has a lover “NaWiretap tau” Lorna Kapunan fumes

“Dismiss nyo Impeachment kay Bakla” Rody tells Alvarez “Hah? How’d u know that of Chairman Andy? NaWiretap mo anu?” the imbecile asks












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