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DUTERTE’S a joke…..80

Nov 15, 2017Articles0 comments


 GMA met the ASEAN Heads of State at Clark. All were happy to see her free again and was asked, “How did u do it Mdm President?” She replied, “Well, Thanks to Rody and the Rule of Law. The SC acquitted me” “Why thank Rody?” they wondered. “He threatened the SC” she replied.


ASEAN heads of state landed at Clark and were met by Pampanga GOV LILIA PINEDA. She was asked by the state visitors “what’s ur no. 1 industry here Gov?” She replied after some hesitation, “Jueteng, Your Excellencies”

Bong Go took pics of Rody and the other heads of state with him included from day one of the ASEAN and that didn’t escape notice to Trump.

Trump: (to BG) Back in NY we call a guy like u a VIBRATOR

BG: (flattered) Why so Mr President?

Trump: Because…Mr. SELFIE!


Sandra Cam (to Security Guard): D mo b ako kilala hah? Soon to be govt official ako! Isasampal ko s u ID ko Gago!
Sass Sassot (to BBC): Minor Blogger Pinatola nyo! Y not me? Ayan c Boss Mocha nakatanga Sagot nya ako!


“Melania, am goin’ home Just had talks with some Short Black and Fat Asian Tarsiers And they wanna be interviewed by BBC! Tired!”


No..No..Trump didn’t egg Rody to sing MY WAY….


No BILAT or Bilateral between Rody and Trump Instead they have BURAT: BUang si Rody At Trump


Mocha graces the ASEAN dinner wearing nothing that leaves to the imagination. Glancing at her, Trump misspelled ‘Phillipines’ in his tweets.


Ma Isabel Lopez nearly bumped Trump along the ASEAN lane. Melania wants his license revoked


Trump to wear ‘Matipuno’ barong, Putin ‘Marangal,’ Duterte ‘Maharlika,’ Roque ‘Mahinhin’


The US EMBASSY has made sure that MELANIA’s seating arrangement is farthest away from the SPEAKER’s GF


10k died in Yolanda Thousands got stuck at EDSA on ASEAN ANNIVERSARY WHY? They didn’t listen to gov’t warning

14k died by EJK WHY?……


Maraming TUMIRIK sa EDSA Sana hindi TUMIRIK si Rody sa ASEAN


Kung si Erap may Muslim Foundation Si Binay may Boy Scout Si Dick may Red Cross Si Rody may DAVAO KTV


News: Duterte hoping for ‘productive dialogue’ with Trump in PH. Harry says Melania and Honeylet ‘will compare notes’


GERIATRIC sexual misconduct on the rise. Blame it on PFIZER


Listening to too much Christmas songs may damage mental health, says expert. That explains why 16M go bonkers.


“Nasaan ang bayag mo Spox, nag leave of absence ba?” RJ  NIETO said. “PuNIETO KA!” Harry Roque retorted


Andanar won’t apologize for ‘kulang pa sa iyot’ remark. “It’s not his WIFE who’s KULANG-KULANG” Harry clarifies


Meeting Honeylet for the first time, Melania learned his first Pilipino word: “PÓTSU the counterpart of POTUS?”



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