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DUTERTE’S a joke….81

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With a looming drug deal case filed against him Taguba says he’ll get Atty Mocha Uson’s services


Asked why she wants to be a lawyer Mocha reposts “bakit si Atty Mans lang ba ang may karapatang kumita?”

With Rody’s looming 12 appointees to the SC, expect ATTY MOCHA to top the BAR. “I told them to flunk Kris…” Rody assured Mocha


A client is confused when Atty Mocha whispered to him “how about special services”?


“No-Brainer? Anu akala mo sa akin? Alaws utak?” Mocha chastising Andanar on her 2019 Senate run


FAKE NEWS—Did u know that Mocha’s Dad was a JUDGE and therefore a LAWYER While Kris Aquino’s Dad Ninoy didn’t pass the BAR?


Alvarez refutes Joma for calling Duterte No. 1 terrorist “Rody’s just a LOVER BOY…second to me” the SPEAKER says


Kris Aquino told Boy Abunda that she wants Mocha as classmate at Arellano Law “Tingnan natin kung sino mas mataas grade” she says


Atty Ethel Booba claims that she’s best in ORAL ARGUMENTs and she has a video to prove it


The FIRM ACCRA and PECABAR roll the red carpet to another incoming lawyer…..Atty Ethel Booba


With Rody’s looming 12 appointees to the SC, expect ATTY MOCHA to top the BAR. “I told them to flunk Kris…” Rody assured Mocha


Jinkee Sharon and Heart join hands to stop Mocha in her Senate try. “Mahirap na kasi baka laging maging TIGASIN sina Manny Kiko at Chiz” one aide says


CARPIO GADON & USON-The next The Firm Experts in SMUGGLING IMPEACHMENT…and Fake News


With Atty Mocha’s entry in the LEGAL PROFESSION, law practice is never the same again!


Assigned by Rody at the OFFICE OF THE SOLICITOR GENERAL, MOCHA asks “so it’s legal to solicit here?”


Ever wondered why the AMPATUANS hired Sal Panelo? One Mayor Duterte referred his friend Sal to the Maguindanao strongman


“War on Drugs nga ‘di knaya sa 3-6 months until now MRT pa kaya?” ika ni Jun Abaya




CJ Sereno impeachment: HUBRIS vs HUBRIS


By DRIBBLING the Impeachment process at the Committee level these BABOONS simply want CJ SERENO humiliated


“Can these BABOONS ably prosecute the CHIEF JUSTICE before the Senate?” Judge Pacman thinks aloud


Fariñas called Sereno accuser ATTY AGADON


Memo to Alvarez Fariñas & Co On CJ Sereno’s impeachment: isampa nyo na lang Wag nyo ng Idribble






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