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DUTERTE’S a joke…82

Dec 1, 2017Articles0 comments

Bong on plunder: It’s Janet, not me “If the Sandiganbayan bought this, JPE JINGGOY GRINGO BONGBONG and 100 congressmen are off the hook.’ Titong Mendoza was heard saying


Sotto files cyberlibel suit vs blogger The Blogger posts that this libel suit will show whether Tito Escalera is a xerox machine


Melanie Marquez on Ma Isabel Lopez’s barrage of movie/TV offers: “She made a sandwich out of a Traffic JAM”


Alvarez in a Cebu rally listed his fave 2019 senators: Sen Mocha Sen Sandra Sen Alma Sen Ma Isabel Sen Melanie Sen Ssas


Though dismayed with politics, Pacquiao will stay if God wants him to. “It’s OK Manny You can stay …” Rody says approvingly


The surprise? Jover Laurio’s (Pinoy Ako Blog) BF is a Duterte supporter “Ktam! May depth ang BF ni Jover..” Mocha quips


It was this regime that imported the P6.4B shabu to stage continuing fake drug busts to prop up a successful anti-drug campaign. “We retail it and raid later…” Gen Bato says


On Matt Lauer et al: Power not only corrupts absolutely but spikes your libido absolutely better than Levitra


On MISSING XANDER FORD—His Cosmetic Doctor advised him to stay indoor….so there folks


In the US they fire those who’re accused of sexual misconduct. In PH they become Presidents Speakers Majority Floor Leadersetc….


Sa dami ng problema ng MRT, wala na bang karapatang HUMIWALAY ang isang bagon?


Kung ang LAGLAG BALA ay kay PNOY; ang LANSAG MRT ay kay Rody


Overheard..Sabi ng mga Jaundice si Mocha daw Lumpiang HUBAD; Buelta naman ng mga DQ (Duterte Quality) si Kris daw paCANTON


After heated debate, senators approve 10% tax on cosmetic surgeries “It’s ok. I can afford it” Rody says


“Bakit kaya yong mga hindi naman guwapo ang babaero….?” Carmen Agnes Canafranca Wakamatsu


Impeachment or Jail time makes one lose weight CJ Sereno GMA and Leila attest



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