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DUTERTE’S a joke…….83

Dec 28, 2017Articles0 comments

In Hell new entrants are welcomed by their victims. Hitler expectedly was met by an applauding 6M Jews. Rody was warmly embraced by 13k salvage victims. Nobody welcomed PNoy. Rody was aghast. “Marami ring atraso yan ah! Bakit wala sumalubong?” Satan replied, “‘di pa sumisipa ung DENGVAXIA Àmong Tunay…”


Rody’s DOH declares Dengvaxia as an illegal drug. “MatuTOKHANG ba ang umorder nito?” asks Polong

To show that DENGVAXIA is not DESGRAXIA, PNOY is willing to get the vaccine in PUBLIC


800 cops DENGVAXIAd: Karma?


Where Rody is best at? He doesn’t SUGARCOAT his ideas. We really need a hole in the head…for a change.


Am just waiting for the ultimate statement of Rody: “Eh anu kung kurap ako? May magagawa ba kaung mga Pu**** I** nyo?”


Rody’s EKJ claims 13k DEAD. He says Manila will soon be DEAD. Honeylet deals with Rody’s DEAD……weapon


At the SC, an old truth holds sway. Women hate women. “Away ng mga palengkera” Rody says


Attitude problem is now an impeachable offense.




‘MORE THAN ONE YEAR NA WALA PA RING PLAKA’ Speaker Alvarez urges LTO chief Galvante to resign “Sabihan mo rin ung Hefe ng MRT” Abaya says


Ung mga sangkot kay JACK LAM na tinanggal Happy naman kasi may BONUS VIVENDI


ATONG ANG will soon launch online CARA Y CRUZ SAKLA and PULA/PUTI


Sandra Cam a long way…


Sandra Cam named new board member of PCSO “Nagpaimprinta na sya ng halos 1000 IDs nya. Ipamimigay daw sa mga SEKYU na hindi sya kilala” one PCSO director said


With Sandra at PCSO there is no truth to the rumor that WALLY SOMBERO is headed at PAGCOR


If Sandra Cam has the ear of Rody, what has she said about FG? Iggy? And GMA?


Joel Villanueva – Senator Hallelujah Tesda!

Tito Sotto – Senator Coke Sarsi Pepsi

Dick Gordon – Senator Dick

Cynthia Villar – Baby Sitter Senator

Ping Lacson-Senador Semento


Stage Mother pala si Cynthia Villar… Cynthia Villar belies reports that Mark Villar wears Diaper. Inihatid pa pala ni Cynthia Villar si Baby Mark noong first day nya sa DPWH….


“Pls tell Ping Lacson we won’t order cement from him!” Cynthia Villar thunders


The Congresmen want to know from Atty Gadon the identity of the Oligarch offering 200M to the Senators. “For 100M each we will acquit the CJ” a congressman who looks like Umali counters…



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