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DUTERTE’S a joke…..85

Jan 3, 2018Articles0 comments

PNoy and Kris, Rody and Polong, Erap and Jinggoy went on a cruise. While on Leisure Deck, PNoy ordered cotton candy. After one bite, Kris grabbed the confectionery and threw it overboard. Rody and Erap, surprised, asked why. Kris replied, “we have lots of sugar centrals in Tarlac!” Rody asked Polong to bring him a tooter a foil and a lighter. Getting wind of what his father wants, Polong brought a kilo of shabu. Rody grabbed the rock and jettisoned it overboard. Erap aghast, asked Rody why he did it. Polong answered, “we have tons of it in Davao.”

Erap kicked Jinggoy overboard….

HAPPY 2018!!!

Firecrackers drive away demons and evil spirits. With the pyrotechnics ban, Rody & Co are here to stay! Kampai!

Use Sarcasm Irony Parody Hyperbole Simile and Metaphor. DDS trolls won’t know the difference and they’d think ur on their side

Rody asked Bong Go to look for BARON GEISLER for appointment as Ass’t Secretary of National Defense

A NEW YEAR’s party is being organized by Caloocan cops in honor of the Mandaluyong cops…

A reporter asked the Mandaluyong Tanods why they disappeared when Mandaluyong cops came: “Sir, wala po kaming pantanim ng shabu at .38 caliber paltik….’cencia na po!”

A reporter asked the 10 Mandaluyong cops why did they shoot at will at the van ferrying a dying patient to a hospital: “Kasi po bawal kaming magpaputok sa NEW YEAR….”

Polong resigned becoz Isabelle threatened to do an Ica

“The other person in this failed relationship is incorrigible and cannot be controlled. And I take responsibility for all that has happened as a result of a wrong decision to marry at a very young age,” KRIS AQUINO said.

NCCC Davao Tragedy: Deus ex Machina








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