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DUTERTE’S a joke…..90

Mar 9, 2018Articles0 comments

Tito Sotto claims 5M Rody votes were padded on Mar votes. “Rody therefore has 21M and not 16M.” Sotto says. Not to be outdone, Nancy Binay believes her Dad’s vote of 4M should have gone to Rody making it a total of DDS at 25M. “Sino ngaun ang silent majority?” Mocha and Ssasot ask.

The new DAP: Duterte Acceleration Program. “Accelerated lahat ang Impeach CJ at CHA-CHA. How much would this be depends on the role of each lawmaker in finally ousting Sereno and installing a Federal set up” Bong Go sighs

 The 13 SC Justices plan to cite the CJ in contempt and disbar her for violating the SUB JUDICE rule for criticizing the Quo Warranto petition in her speech before the Phil Women Judges Assoc (PWJA) the other day, Justice Teresita de Castro reveals. “Pagnacontempt, isasama sya sa selda ni Leila at pag nadisbar, how can she be CJ if she’s no longer a lawyer?” the lady jurist added. Congressman Umali and Sol Gen Calida are not pleased at this new shortcut. Marvin Marcos pitched in “kapag nagissue ng warrant of arrest ang SC, ako ang aaresto….” Martin Diño wants to tag along Marcos in serving the arrest warrant vs Sereno. “Hiram lang ako ng uniform kay Bato, ok?”

We have an alarming MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM in government. The President was declared psychologically sick to maintain his marriage. The CJ failed her psycho test. The SC Justices reveal their juvenile side. Only The Speaker appears sane…

 “It’s CHUTZPAH Mr President….” corrected Sal Panelo on hearing Rody describing on where Harry Roque, his Spox’s, good at…

At Pacman’s next bout with Jeff Horn, Mocha sings the anthem, Panelo wears the flag, Persida as cornerman with Dr Erfe as cutman

“Polygamy is illegal….if you can’t afford it!” President Rody

Si ATTY MANS nagbibilang ng SALAPI; Si SPEAKER nagtatanggal ng KESONG PUTI

 Imee is the next Marcos holding a national position. Tommy Manotoc gets pointers from Mike Arroyo

Bob Arum has noticed that Pacman has lost his killler instinct and Freddie eyes a new Trainer/Coach: PAO’s Atty Persida Acosta

 At Pacman’s next bout with Jeff Horn, Mocha sings the anthem, Panelo wears the flag, Persida as cornerman with Dr Erfe as cutman

February 24 will be remembered not because of Marcos downfall but the day the Speaker was KO’d by Inday Sara. No Speak si Speaker kasi umurong ang Microphone…..

 What’s the difference between TOKHANG and HUGPONG? In Tokhang, 14k dead. In Hugpong, one Speaker dead.

Rule of Law in PH: the government squeezes; a favorite son-in-lawyer fleeces

Atty Mans new clients: Cebu Pacific TADECO and Mrs. Emily Alvarez



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