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DUTERTE’S a joke…..91

Mar 20, 2018Articles1 comment

Congress is set to pass same-sex marriage law. It’d realize Bong Go’s lifetime wish to be with Rody forever.

“OMG!” exclaimed God on learning the new services rates of Santuario de Forbes…

Speaker Alvarez found the best argument for Taxing the Church given the steep cost of services by the Forbes Parish…

After being driven away by the Santuario de Forbes Cura Párroco on learning that baptism and wedding cost P50k and P70k, Mary and Joseph remain unmarried and just named their baby “Niño”….Peter consoled them, “at least when you split, you won’t shell out P500k for Annulment.”

Mary and Joseph went to Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes to have their baby baptized. They wanted to name their baby Antonio. They asked how much is the baptismal fee. The priest said P50k. Shocked, the couple exclaimed, “Jesus!”

Janet Napoles is the NEW WOMAN in the President’s life aside from GMA MOCHA IMEE…and Harry

Janet and Leila died and went to Hadesville. Asked why he allowed them in, Satan said “both broke the Dont Steal Rule: Janet stole Rody; Leila stole Ronnie”

“Marami absent sa Cabinet meeting dahil karamihan sa mga Secretaries may blackeye…at matatagalang pumasok si Vitaliano dahil nakaconfine ngaun sa ORTHOPEDIC..” ika ni Bato

“Pinagbigyan namin si Janet Napoles under the WPP dahil gusto lang nyang makasama sa selda si Benhur Luy para masabunutan..”ika ni Vitaliano

Ubial Mariano Lopez Yasay Taguiwalo were rejected by the Comm on Appointments where LP is a member LP didn’t raise a whimper when Vitaliano was being confirmed as DoJ Secretary in the midst of Jack Lam bribe try

Those thousands felled by TOKHANG would have been acquitted like Kerwin for lack of proof

“BAHALA NA KAYO JAN” Vital Aguirre to BI Commissioners Argosino and Romero on Jack Lam; to Drug Lords at Bilibid testifying vs Leila; and STATE PROSECUTORS investigating Kerwin Espinosa Peter Lim and Peter Co


Quo Warranto sa SC

Quo Palin si Duterte

Quo Lugo si Calida

Quo Rakot sa Kongreso

Quo Vadis ang PH?

The ICC is set to DISMISS the Genocide case vs Rody after the UNHR Chief found the accused unfit to face trial on the ground of INSANITY….

Congressmen are accustomed to PORK CHOP. No one wants to do an honest work. Looking at themselves, who will competently prosecute the CJ? Either they can’t hack it or embarrassment or ridicule befall them. That’s why they tap the megalomaniac JPE who’ll brook objections after objections by regaling us with his legal erudition and chicanery that he accumulated in his legendary longevity.


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