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Frightened President

Jun 21, 2022Articles0 comments

Richard Nixon dared Congress to impeach him at the outset of the Watergate scandal. He said, “let them oust me and I handed them Spiro..!” Agnew, the Veep at that time was imbroiled in tax and other unpalatable charges.

Pres. BBM is into an unenviable situation. He is surrounded by the hit men of ex-President Duterte. BBM has the onus of proving he’s no ‘weak leader’ Duterte label.

BBM’s main men are wimps by Duterte standards. At the first sound of gunfire, these shallow minions will scamper away. By all indications, BBM does not savor his elevation to the highest office. Vultures are all waiting in the wings. He owes his victory to GMA & Co., the most rapacious clique Philippine politics has ever produced. His vice president, Sara Duterte, is the queen of Mindanao, a vast island political bulwark never enjoyed by any similarly elected public official, save his father, Rodrigo who would soon bow out from office.

Not only that, Sara’s bailwick extends to the central regions of the Visayas.

Secondary Military and PNP officials were all filled up by the valedictory president.

Instead of a Bong Go persona, we will see more of Liza who will be at BBM’s side 24/7.

Imee, the new matriarch will remain at the sideline manning the chairmanship of one juicy senate committee which budget is enough to catapult one of his sons to the Vice Presidency in 2028.

What are we saying?

This administration will fortify its ramparts against the barbarians at the Malacañang gate: the resentful dynasties like the Gatchalians, Villars, Cayetanos and the Binays.

Soon these dynasties will find themselves deluged with Ombudsman’s subpoenas and headlined in INQ’s front pages (owned by the Romualdezes). These dynasties however are resourceful, literally and figuratively. In the meanwhile, a new opposition figure will rise up catching the imagination of the 31M Robin Padilla fans.

Image. credit: https://www.rappler.com/nation/elections/ferdinand-bongbong-marcos-jr-claims-has-no-trolls-fake-news-dangerous/



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