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Gambit in Plain Sight

Jul 18, 2023Articles0 comments

What does the Davao group think of the Ilocanos? The Davao group is testing the grit of the Marcos group, no doubt.

After one year in office, Marcos Jr is thought to be a push over to the chagrin of his family. He has the aura of a frightened president.

Is Rody Duterte breathing down Marcos Jr’s neck?

The ex-president, for the first time in history, holds the balls of the incumbent.

Cory made herself felt during FVR’s watch by gathering thousands of warm-bodies at Luneta to denounce the Ramos’ switch from Presidential to Parliamentary. She went to Malacañang, under the guise of sipping coffee, but to tell GMA pointblank to resign under the backlash of Hello Garci Tapes. Cory was rebuffed, “teka muna ako ang presidente ngaun..” Gloria was heard muttering with “puñetas!”

Gloria failed to elect Gibo Teodoro. Ditto to PNoy where Mar Roxas tailed in second to Duterte.

But Duterte pulled the rabbit Marcos Jr from the Smartmatic ballot box.

Is there gratitude in politics?

Are politicians word-of-honor persons?

The idea of utang na loob seems to dissipate in the coming years.

Marcos Jr and his ilks are jittery. The Dutertes are never wont on being subtle. There seems to be writings on the wall: Sara, the Vice President quit from Lakas, the anchor of Congress; she was placated by no less than the Speaker who stood at the rostrum with his tails behind his legs, ditto to Imee, JPE and Zandro Marcos; she circulated a new word in the political lexicon, Tambaloslos, in the tradition of Tokhang twiddled by her father; when Marcos Jr has had enough and about to send Lucas Bersamin to go texting the DepEd Secretary never to attend the next Cabinet meeting, she hastily appointed two generals based in Davao as Education consultants.

What does that tell us? The gambit is plain to see. Where she be fired, her wobbling father is ready to secede from the Philippines. Marcos Jr appears pathetic. He is less than presidential, a wiener of an old rickety local mayor.

That’s federalism for you.



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