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Going Tiktok Or How BBeM And His Hacienda Of Trolls Flood Tiktok

Jan 23, 2022Articles0 comments

TikTok posts (and the rest of socmed) tell us MarcoS(cam) Family is good looking (and from the Surveys are looking Good)

In all its TikTok accounts (funded from stolen mangoes), Imee boasts of her children whose bone structures come from the Manotocs

BB brags about his Araneta-eyed MarcoS(cam) Boys as charming and bright

And of course the Royal Couple (Irene & Greggy) Irene is projected as better looking than Kris Josephine Ramos-Samartino Jackie Ejercito-Lopez and Lolly Arroyo or the Davao Princesses, Zimmerman’s Sara or Honeylet’s Veronica

Imee’s Manotoc bunch led by Borgy ‘the Hunk’ and Gob Matthew are top-of-the-line better looking than the pedestrians Jinggoy and Mikee or chinless Dato both surnamed Pidal and the Mambabatok Polong or Baste of the Republic of Davao who look Promdi thru-and-thru (if not siga sa kanto)

The brunt of the MarcoS(cam) posts all the more emphasize the ‘superior’ fez-department when it comes to the Binay Family: think about Nancy and Junjun “Malayong malayo” quipped Imee

The MarcoS(cam) hews perfectly well along the Imeldific mantra “All Things Good is Beautiful”

MarcoS(cam) appears to be gaining traction in casting its spell on the fairy tales it weaves on social media (that they all got what it takes for BB to be President) along the story-lines of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

And the clueless CDEs bedazzled are chanting.. “M! M! M pa rin!”



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