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Granular Bubbles

Sep 7, 2021Articles0 comments

Pre-Duterte, it’s the political elite vs another political elite like the Aquinos vs the Macapagals vs the Marcoses etc Duterte stood against this political culture and so we thought. Post Duterte, the culture lives on with the epidemic of dynasties. And it’s getting insane. Ask Chavit beside Catriona.

It’s now the Dutertes against the ICC. 2022 will be the most bloody and expensive elections in the history of this country. The dynasty, aware of what settling scores mean, will sic on us the monies stolen to buy the willing and kill the obstructs.


After every elections those who win should undergo seminars on HOW TO TEMPER HUBRIS or GREED. After getting elected the victors think they have their destinies to fulfill or got the lotto jackpot. They’re too absorbed of themselves.

In winning the 2016 contest, the Dutertes take it to heart the line ‘text populi text dei’. They will again rely on troll farms funded by their commissions from Michael Yang’s Pharmally.


Ang style ni Duterte parang pula-puti sa peryahan. Sa simula padadamahin ung tumataya galing sa linang (bukid). Kapag kampante nang parehas ang laban hihimuking itaas ang pusta o bato’t taya. Duon na ipapasok ung bingkong na bola o kakamada ang baraha. Ayon talo ung taga-linang. Uuwing luhaan walang pasalubong sa mga inakay.

Parang tayo sa Sinovac. Pinapasok na donation ng China. Turok dito turok dun. Yung Chinese Ambassador na mukhang demonyo ngiti dito fist bump doon. Akala natin parehas ang supplier ng Sinovac. Nung kampante na tau, bumili na si Pogi ng $38/vial. Eh sa Brazil $1.98/vial lang. Kaya ayon milyonaryo na nmn tau…2M na ang nagpositive. Nung magreklamo tau nagalit pa ung bangka ng pula-puti at beto-beto.

“Eh bakit ka tumayang pu#%^*mo!”

Image credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Philippines/comments/8omhg4/color_game_gawin_nating_100_pesos_ang_1_peso_mo/



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