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Memo to 1Sambayan

Jul 20, 2021Letters0 comments

Recruit Pacman into your fold.

He burnt his bridges with Rody after the bitter exchange between them. He was insulted by “putting him in his proper place”. Per Rody, “wala kang alam…” and similar ?barbs that drove the Pacman to make his familiar fist-to-fist gesture. Does he have the political stature? Of course. And internationally at that. This is a precedent-making tandem. One from Luzon-Bicol region and a Mindanaoan with global reputation. Imagine Pacman makes an aside like, “Di ko naman papatulan si Sheriff Sara o ang Tatay nyang Senior Citizen. Pero seguro tama na ang pambabarako nila sa mga Filipino pero duwag sa Tsino!”Leni as President may appoint him as Ambassador Plenipotentiary or equivalent position ala PACC of Erap while second fiddle to FVR. Or housing Czar given the elevation of Housing into cabinet rank. Settlement for the poor is inside the heart of Pacman as when he was homeless in Mandaluyong when he was a struggling undercard. Pacman is Cinderella Man that attracts the Great Unwashed. For its part, 1Sambayan, given its image of intellectual arrogance may step down a bit and tutor Pacman in basic Public Laws anyway the Kinetic Genius is willing to learn. And that ladies & gentlemen is how we reshape the fate of this godforsaken country in the next 6 years. Who knows if that’s the chapter at last where we mold an anti-dynasty law?

Ask Jinkee.



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