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Memo to LP

Aug 6, 2021Letters0 comments

Lakas ng Bayan (Laban) was the original political aggrupation founded by no less than Ninoy himself to fight the monolith MARCOS KBL in 1978, 6 years after ML was declared.

Remember the Ninoy interview by Ronnie Natanielz? The streets of MM were deserted presaging every fight of Manny Pacquiao where traffic was at a standstill. Lakas ng Bayan vs KBL was suntok sa buwan: biblical in proportion ala David and Goliath. The Rules are stacked vs Laban: block voting; Comelec Chairman Leonardo Perez; stuffed ballot boxes; vote buying etc

Nene was one of the candidates of Laban representing Mindanao. PDP or partidong demokratikong pilipino was a post-EDSA creation appending LAKAS ng BAYAN as part of its identity.

Cory never rode on it not a bit of consuelo de bobo. Instead she played along with Monching Mitra’s Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP). Then came Lakas Tao of FVR morphing into LAKAS-CMD of Raul Manglapus.

Had not Jojo Binay been derailed by Koko, Binay would have been the standard bearer of PDP LABAN. Binay was a generous financier of the struggling party prior to 2015. Nene always joked that all members of LP can fill a Bettle while PDP, a tricycle. Today, members of PDP-Laban are bursting at the seams of LRT-MRT light rails combined.

Lakas ng Bayan evolved into three political parties that Ninoy never imagined it to be. Ironically, the Dutertes, a power dynamo from the South with a less than spotless record as staunch defender of the Rule of Law, hold the flute of PDP-Laban inveigling its members to the Davao Dynasty coronation in 2022.

We need Pacquiao to convince Koko to team up with the LP’s Leni Robredo in 2022: Leni-Manny for the sake of Momi Di…

Cover photo: https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2018/09/26/1854858/liberal-party-field-bam-aquino-jose-manuel-diokno-erin-taada



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