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Memo to Pacman

Jul 30, 2021Letters0 comments

You are petrified (Google it) where you finally leave the comfort of Rody’s embrace. Of course, from Day 1 you abandoned Jojo Binay when you saw the judges’ decision when the votes of Rody went North (not in Ilocos) and left Binay bellyaching after siphoning billions of Makati IRA.

You are a good student of politics. There are no temporary friends, only transient interest. As a kinetic genius, you look at the boxing ring (you wonder why Freddie Roach calls it round when it is square) as your aquarium. A knock out is the best deliverance not 16M votes. But you were, and continue to be, awed by the 16M votes of the Davao mayor whom you ignored because his accent is much thinner than yours although both of you have the same provenance: Mindanao. You look at Luzon or Cebu politicians with respect because of their reputation of respectability. Rody? Maybe he has some punch at Central Mindanao. But never in the whole of Mindanao. The Zubiris, the Morenos, the Parajinogs, the Ampatuans, were all waiting in the wings while the Pacman was a bedfellow of the Makati clan. Of course we know that Rody made it. And the whole of Mindanao rejoiced.

We heard the President humor the world champion in one august day in Malacanang as the next president. Pacman’s smile was as long as the Silway River near Dulongabong. But there was a caveat. “Champ, we take care of your tax case…Your Forbes mansion will never be levied.” The whisper sounds queer. It doesn’t add up to his billions of tax arrears. He shrugged it off as one of those snippets by the President to lighten the mood on the occasion.

Then the PDP Laban surreptitious meeting in Cebu. Then the 2015 template of ‘urong-sulong’ much loved by the Rody ramparts is being replayed by Sara. For the first time in his 25 years as world champion one ‘champion’ from Davao is now giving Manny a cold shoulder.

WPS is one body of water fit for a champion to waddle in sopped in patriotism. He clobbered the messenger Energy Sec Cusi for having the nerve to spearhead a party conference without his imprimatur. The Senate is snickering. Once he bragged that he carries his balls anywhere he goes when he felt slighted without meaning to by Sonny Trillanes. “Nakukulangan ako sa patakaran ni Presidente tungkol sa karapatan ng Pilipinas sa WPS!” The riposte was swift. “Wala kang alam….” His rejoinder was equally quick, “Filipino ako at alam ko kung ano ang dapat nating angkinin para sa ating mga Filipino. Bawiin natin ang dapat bawiin sa mga Tsino!”

Lessons from FPJ

In the last lap of his 2004 presidential try, FPJ found himself abandoned by the likes of Angara and Sotto. Campaign funds from Chinese traders suddenly dried up. Since he was in the middle of a fight, he tapped his life savings by mortgaging his copyright to his film troves. He lost by a million from Pangasinan and Cebu to GMA. Shortly thereafter, he died in the arms of Jojo Binay stricken by the treachery of an aneurism. Whatever happened to the FPJ fortune is yet to be revealed. Right now, FPJ’s wife is busy earning a living on TV. Of course, the Pacman is much richer than FPJ a billion fold. But the pattern is eerily similar. There is a sword over his pecker.

His tax case can wipe him out. But his declaration that he is more a Filipino foremost than Rody’s loyalty to Xi will endear him to the combined 20M who voted for Mar and Grace in 2016. The issues are joined.


The Pacman sustained himself for 25 years capping 8 title belts earning him untold wealth. By teaming up with Leni, he can coast for another 6 years by dismantling the evils Duterte wrought upon the nation. By 2028, he is no longer the world champion but he is a hero to this country by enforcing the judgment of the Arbitral Court and the International Criminal Court of Justice.

The fear of losing is overcome by heroes in their pursuit of an impossible dream.

Cover photo – https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2021/07/13/2112246/duterte-urges-public-not-believe-punch-drunk-pacquiaos-corruption-claims



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