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Memo to Rody

Aug 2, 2021Letters0 comments

DM* and CPG** pitted vs each other in the Presidency of the 1970 Con Con. FM*** supported CPG. FM was heard saying “Carling nkaganti kn kay Cong Dadong noong 1961 elections (where DM beat the reelectionist CPG). Right after his oath taking as Con Con Prexy, CPG died. This time DM knelt before FM to annoint him as Prexy over the opposition of Raul Manglapus and Fr Ortiz. DM, true enough, was made Prexy of the 1970 Con Con provided he approves the Transitory Provisions. He was one of the signatories of the 1971 Constitution when ML was declared and ratified by Citizens’ Assemblies where one question was asked “Gusto nyo ba bigas?”. Believing that he would be tapped as elder statesman, DM was ignored prompting him to write a book denouncing the rape of democracy by Marcos.

DM took refuge at the US embassy. It was a pathetic sight of an ex-President doing a spectacle of himself. DM muttered, “FM is the most corrupt President this country ever had. Noong Pangulo ako, wala akong kinuha ni cubiertos ng Malacañang!” To which one Mike Arroyo quipped, “Eh gago pala si Papa!”That was the zenith of ML’s sway on the people. “Galing ni Marcos. Naka cambio ng ayos!”

Fast forward to Du30 reign: The descendants of arch enemies are in a huddle on how they can steer this country within their dynastic claws.

GMA was heard saying, “alam mo, kung nakapagluklok tau ng Presidente noong 2016 on the cheap, baka akala na naman ng mga Du30 sila na naman ang tututulungan natin? Anu sila sinisuerte?”

Ladies & Gentlemen, united DYNASTIES elect presidents not the people.

*Diosdado Macapagal
**Carlos P Garcia
***Ferdinand Marcos
Credits to Rappler for the cover image – https://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/iq/whos-who-marcos-neighbors-libingan-bayani



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