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No Honeymoon for BBM

Aug 10, 2022Articles0 comments

Today is the 40th day of BBM presidency. Traditionally the media grants slack on the new sitting president. The 100-day honeymoon period is enough for a president to feel the nuances of a job he himself sought thru tooth and nail.

Since 1991 the Marcoses set their sight on the presidency. They have the throbbing gut feel that some 31M still love them after all.

BBM and his family parked themselves in Ilocos Norte enjoying their political franchise thereabouts prior to capturing Malacañang in 2022.

Invariably, they ran for Congress, Senate and the Vice Presidency. For the last 33 years since 1991 they gazed at the presidency with moist eyes. Along the way, they bombarded this country with their peculiar style of governance and how to run government along the playbook of the dead dictator. While running for vice president, BBM gave us a taste of how he’d run this country. Along the way, he was heckled by one Allan P. Cayetano that the name Marcos is synonymous to larceny.

Running for president, 1sambayan peppered his path towards the ultimate position from spikes of tax evasion conviction and disqualifications. He parried these brickbats believing he had a Teflon vest.

After his proclamation, one senator who was jailed for plunder but was released after 6 years approached Imee Marcos to congratulate her. She said, “you were out for 6 years, whereas we waited for this event for 36 long years!”

What have those 36 years of Marcos Calvary told us? We’ve grown familiar with this president like our spouse or long time neighbor. What are we to expect after 100 days? Nothing.

This family was in power for 20 years. Coming back after 36 years would be stupid of us to pine for deliverance from someone who transgressed us 50 years ago.

There is no honeymoon coming.

Image credit: https://mindanaodailynews.com/bbm-eyes-upgrading-ph-tourism-roadmap/



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