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On Sara (Ulo) Resigning from Lakas

May 19, 2023Articles0 comments

BBM govt is a coalition among KBL-Lakas and other dynastic political parties. If Sara (Ulo) quits, she is quitting the coalition. As united front they have common playbook on how to approach for the next 5 years and beyond our economic development.

By resigning, she does not adhere any longer to the united program of the Marcos-Duterte-Macapagal. Programs are all trust and confidence.

If one member is a sore thumb, she begs excision from the corpus. Sara (Ulo) is deemed terminated as an alter ego of BBM in DepEd.

If she is retained, BBM is confirmed to be a FRIGHTENED PRESIDENT, the one of a kind in Philippine history.



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