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Perfect Storm

May 28, 2022Articles0 comments

We just witnessed a first in political alliance: the melding of the North regions and the Island of Mindanao. A northern dynasty founded by a dictator a generation ago and a southern dynasty established by a current president created a political perfect storm.

Are we seeing the total capture of the government by these two political families poised to exchange seats allowed by law and the electorate?

With a 31M mandate (and political power at their disposal), who would you think has the gall to challenge them? Except perhaps the usual traditional communists soon to be hunted down under the Duterte Anti-Terrorism Law curiously shepherded by Frank Drilon.

Hubris comes naturally. Throwing schadenfreude glances and uttering triumphalist bombast are hard to resist from those who brag paternity of the idea of merging the two power blocs.

In the meantime, the gentleman from Bilibid was seen busy brushing up on the penal laws looking for some sections thereof that need amendment or repeal based on his stint as resident of the crowded penitentiary.

Right now, these dynasties are sharpening the public speaking talent of their younger members who are soon to replace their second generation progenitors.

Welcome Senator Sandro A. Marcos.

Image credit: https://www.reportr.world/news/sandro-marcos-congressman-age-bongbong-son-a4677-20220331



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