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POGO: The New Military Bases

Jun 11, 2024Articles0 comments

The Romans used sheer brawn in conquering vast swathes of land.

Ditto to Genghis Khan and other kindred namesakes.

Spain and her neighbors used religion to occupy choice lots on earth in search for spices to aromatize their best Jamon de Serrano and Iberico.

Hitler and Hirohito invented the Bulge and Tora Tora to invade their rich-resources laden neighbors.

Contrasting Ideologies ruled the days of the Cold War that fizzled out when Ronald Reagan outspent the Russians in propping up his vaunted Star Wars that rendered obsolete Mikael Gorbachev’s nuclear warehouse.

To the Chinese all these are all passé. Why waste 2M soldiers to expand its territories? China’s presence now is all over: Africa, USA, Europe, Russia and of course her immediate neighbor the Philippines.

For 600 years Chinese are here in this country ante-dating the Spaniards. While they were not aggressive people they conditioned the natives like LapuLapu or Rajah Soliman that all they wanted was trade.

Trade was it.

Fast forward to Duterte’s watch, the Chinese concept of Trade blossomed into: why not build military bases camouflaged as online casinos? Filipinos now are deep into politics every three years. Politicians are now grouped into families not political parties. Family loyalty is the best adhesive in keeping the family as one. Look at the Remullas or the Villars or the Cayetanos and not so far beyond: the Marcoses and the Dutertes.

To lose in an election is the worst embarrassment. That was how Governor Degamo was mowed down by a rival dynasty, the Teveses.

Money is how the dynasties keep their dominance. Families morphing into dynasties now own the industries and online sabong and gambling within their turfs. They maintain the bond of their followers by unwavering supply of largesse. Frankly, dynasties abhor betting their recuerdos. They would rather skim investors who are willing to chip in laundered money to gain a foothold, say, in Island Cove or Bamban, Tarlac.

Island Code is meters away from Sangley where our US-supplied maritime vessels are moored. Bamban is meters away, thru a straight line, from Clark Air Base-the best airbase money can buy in Central Luzon, where our glinting fighter planes sit in abandon.

So there you are.

One fine morning we wake up to huge military bases sprouting from all over this godforsaken archipelago from GenSan, Davao, Cebu, Bicol, and China’s crown jewels: Island Cove, with 30k able bodied POGO “dealers” and Bamban Tarlac where China spent 38 years to train a new born baby as town mayor of this backyard town of Angeles and Mabalacat.

In a conversation with Henry Kissinger when he asked Chinese politician Zhou Enlai his thoughts on the French Revolution, Enlai replied “It’s too soon to tell.”

“Kissinger came to believe the Chinese officials were geniuses who thought in terms of centuries. It was one of the most quotable quotes of the 20th century. If that was what he really meant, it was a perfectly pompous answer. But somehow, coming as it did from China’s foremost diplomat, it sounded profound. It became an example of the patient and far-sighted nature of Chinese leaders, who thought in centuries, as opposed to the short-termism of Western democratic politicians” [https://amp.scmp.com/article/970657/not-letting-facts-ruin-good-story]

Image credit: https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/topstories/nation/908947/pnp-49-bamban-cops-relieved-from-posts-amid-pogo-probe/story/



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