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Political Dynasties Invade the Bureaucracies

Jul 18, 2023Articles0 comments

Political Dynasties have not satiated themselves yet their of appetite for elective power and the attendant public funds wedded in the elective positions.

Presidential elections come every six years and these dynasties offer their campaign services to the presidential wannabes.

The offered services do not come in free: a hefty campaign fund and appointment of an unelected yet family member to a government position to tide him over.

In Batangas, one Ralph Recto was inside the Isko Moreno stable in 2022 upon a promise of ?500M funds before the elections. Moreno was touted to have bustling campaign armory courtesy of one Ricky Razon, betting in the elections ala Solaire casino. (This is a throwback of the feudal practice before where candidates merely visit the local chieftains in exchange of the votes of the ‘sacadas’). The ?500M did not materialize. Recto was later seen gladhandling the Marcoses.

Before he was elected senator one Mark Villar was catapulted as DPWH secretary in the midst of ?100M cash in several bags delivered at the doorsteps of one Rodrigo Duterte delivered by no less than his messenger one Bong Go enlisted by the Villar billionaires. Villar had at his disposal ?400B in annual fees utilizing this fund by paving new roads towards/near the rawlands their real estate conglomerate bought for a song.

A Cebu political dynasty bragged of unsolicited support to Marcos Jr. Upon taking his oath of office a daughter of Cebu governor, Maria Esperanza Christina Garcia Frasco, is now the controversial DoT secretary. She is now embroiled in STUPIDITY scandals involving DoT ads and dense tourism programs that are not only productive (of luring tourists from all over the planet) but unimaginably expensive.

In Pagcor, one Gilbert Remulla is a director. At PCSO, the top honcho is one Junie Cua who is the patriarch of the Cua Quirino dynasty who is in power from 1987-2022 juggling jobs as congressman and governor. Right now, his son one Dakila Cua is the Quirino governor. One month in office, PCSO handed a lotto first prize to nearly 500 winners, unprecedented and statistically improbable. We are now the laughing stock of neighboring countries with sponsored lottos.

We can list here unfailingly the encroachment of political dynasties in appointive offices of the government, recouping political expenses thru appointment largesse by their unemployed members (remember Baste Duterte, the unemployed member of the Davao dynasty? He is now the City Mayor welcoming the Marcoses with much gusto).

In the meantime, we the people marginalized by the power of the PCOS/Comelec cabal, are now in the sidelines gnashing our teeth by the effects of the appointed amateurs’ policies and programs toying the billions of pesos entrusted to them year in and year out.

Image credit: https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2019-philippine-political-dynasties/



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