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Political Parties?

Dec 3, 2004Articles0 comments

There is one Lakas congressman who was quoted authoritatively about the political maneuverings of another political party, the Nationalist People’s Coalition. This Lakas congressman nearly choked when asked on why he was doing the chore as spokesman of NPC announced candidate when he belongs to another party which in due time shall pronounce its own standard bearer. He was quoted further as saying the possibility of a third plank of political aggrupation, adopting FPJ as its bet.

On the other hand, the president of Laban tries hard to pre-empt his party mates by proclaiming his preferred candidate, the president emeritus of NPC.

The smaller parties, those without the muscle of a charismatic member, like Erap and Lacson of PMP, Ramos of Lakas, the late Marcos of KBL, settle in the thought of coalescing. Pansinin din naman ninyo kami at may clout din naman kahit malinggit. These are the peripherals like LP, PDP-Laban, Promdi, Reporma, NP, and KBL.

These peripherals are on the look out for blood. The LP has seen that Lakas is bleeding from the onslaught of Jose Pidal. That’s why it’s seen in the company of vultures. LP is known not on its nationalistic platform, but on how they (the members, from Aparri to Sulu) manage to fit in a beetle. It’s just a matter of time that this behemoth of a political party will kick the dust, and given the experience these survivors had in 1998 when the victory of Erap was a certainty, the pygmies made a beeline on Erap’s doorstep at No. 1 Polk St., San Juan, MM. Conversely, when the motley crowd at EDSA began its orgy of annihilation, these same people were never seen again, only to resurrect at Ping’s doorstep, a tragedy happening over and over and over.

This is in the offing, only that the exodus is expected to crescendo at Solid Mills Building, Legaspi Village, Makati City, MM a stone’s throw away from the House of Pidal along Perea St., same city. Incidentally, Danding also holds a war room somewhere in Legaspi Village visited by Hizzzoner of Makati who unabashedly made known his support for the former.

Lacson is unstoppable. Danding’s handlers were slighted by Ping’s description of their formula for a common candidate as bakla, coming to mind their prominent members like Ernie Maceda and John Osmena.

If Lacson feels that the Presidency throbs at the cusp of his palm, then offer himself now to the people as the country’s newfound statesman. His being a cop or an image of one has a long time ago was cut off from him when he convincingly won a Senate seat.

He should be wary of the barnacles from the countryside that do nothing but perpetuate themselves and the oppressive system that impoverishes us. Of course, politics is addition. But this Amang Rodriguez doctrine is already anachronistic. Let a new leader flavour his guidance with the old-fashioned moral values. It is time that he sees thru with the machinations of local leaders in shutting out new leaders with fresh vision for the nation. If there is business monopoly that has been declared illegal, political monopoly, thanks to the Internal Revenue Allotment and the pork barrel, is the order of the day in the local fronts. How can then genuine reforms trickle down the rest of the country when after the dust of election confusion has died down, these top local honchos with their family’s interest at stake, are out to demolish them again and again, in the guise of being anti-people and in the process are on the look out once more for a replacement of the national leader whom they perceive as an enormous failure? Don’t we realize now the unbelievable coincidence that our national leaders now and before are all a failure?

We don’t believe that Ping is just a cop (or a soldier) who knows only how to scorch the earth. He might be a good economic manager, a visionary, a teacher, a national architect who shall lay and draft a representative constitution that best works for us, and above all perhaps the pater familia this country like Samuel has been looking for.



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