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Smartmatic Screwed PH in May 2022

Jun 8, 2023Articles0 comments

Dominion Voting System was $787.5M richer when Fox News and Rupert Murdoch opted to settle a billion dollar defamation suit Dominion filed before a NYC Court against the duo.

Waiting in the wings is Smartmatic who claims to have been defamed by Fox News as well.

It is best that we inform Fox News that the 2022 PH elections were rigged by Rodrigo Duterte joined in by Smartmatic to ensure the election of his daughter, Sara (with a couple of hundred votes more than BBM as a reminder that had Sara slugged it out in the presidential election against BBM, he will lose ala Robredo v BBM in 2016).

This PH election cooked by the programmers of Smartmatic is the smoking gun to prove that the PCoS of the computer provider is open to manipulation or hacking.

All we have to do is forward the SC petition of Gen Rio et al. questioning the veracity of the 2022 results. Let Trump (with all his warts) be our spokesman to show the world how vulnerable the computerized election as peddled by Smartmatic was and who has the gall to sue Fox News for claiming that its system sucks.



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