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Social Contract: Whose Leg Are They Pulling?

Dec 9, 2004Articles0 comments

Another trick was pulled by our legislators yesterday when they announced that they signed a social covenant expressive of their alleged lack of ulterior motive in the approval of the resolution converting congress into a constituent assembly.

By the way, one will know whether a columnist is against or for the call on constituent assembly in the manner of his abbreviation. If he calls the effort con-ass, the writer is an opponent. If he labels it consa, he is a proponent. So there.

Going back to the social contract kuno, let us ask our solons just exactly who are they kidding?

This is a brazen trick of a shyster! By executing a harmless nay inutile document styled social covenant denying themselves the alleged benefit of an amended constitution, they want us to sit and relax that, yeah right, nothing bad will happen to us. They want us to let them do the driving, while we, the passengers, should sleep tight and never worry, for surely our destination is just around the corner.

Who are these people? Just who do they think they are? Do they think that our people would accord that document the parallel sanctity of the american declaration of independence?

This writer promises to be a de venecia convert if he could promise us that this house of tenpercentathieves could deliberate and approve in equal record time the bills on anti-dynasty which has been languishing for the last 18 years; anti-turncoatism law to discourage political opportunists; reduction of the countryside development fund, not abolition, by 50% to show their solidarity with the president in curbing our monstrous budget deficit; declaring the coconut levy fund as public fund that truly belongs to coconut farmers!

If mr. De venecia & co. Could enact those proposals into law in thirty working days, while the senate is mulling over the mode of charter change, this writer will truly believe that, indeed, they are patriots, not scoundrels.

In the meantime, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt….. That they are scoundrels.



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