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The ANATOMY of Moral Indignation

Apr 26, 2009Articles0 comments

“ASUNCION, PARAGUAY-A third woman came forward Wednesday claiming Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo, a former bishop, is the father of her child-this one a 16-month-old boy she named after late Pope John Paul II.

The growing number of paternity claims against Lugo less than a year into his presidency has embarrassed the government and put the opposition on the attack. But in Paraguay’s macho culture, political analysts say the idea that the former bishop has fathered multiple children may even help him, by making him appear to be a strong leader.

The latest woman to claim a child with Lugo is a 39-year-old divorcee with two adult children who said she met Lugo three years ago, after he gave up his church leadership position. And while the two other women are pursuing paternity claims, she says she has no plans to sue the president.

bishop fernando lugoDamiana Hortensia Moran Amarilla told the newspaper ABC that her son Juan Pablo (John Paul) “is the fruit of a relationship that came out of a great love, total surrender.”

Paraguayan newspaper Ultima Hora reported that the first woman to come forward, his former parishioner Viviana Carrillo, now 26, moved into the president’s home along with her 2-year-old boy.

Lugo, known as the “bishop of the poor” before he quit the church, has recognized Carillo’s boy as his son and even remarked that they looked alike. He acknowledged fathering the child “with honesty, as a Paraguayan, as a Christian” and in homage to the people who elected him president.”(Paraguay leader dogged by paternity claims Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 13:05:00 04/24/2009)

After 8 years of Bill Clinton’s Lewinski, the American people thought ’twas time to regain their moral compass by electing a monogamous George Bush (he’s in bed @ 9pm, shuns alcohol and nicotine, a physical fitness buff. In other words, a fine specimen of a mortal angel).

We don’t know if Bush’s and Dick Cheney’s 8 years was the direction they really wanted to take, with thousands of GI’s death and a-no-end-sight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a host of other “moral” issues (like the Halliburton fixed billion-dollar deals in Iraq, Cheney’s previous connection with it is well known. As a certified lame duck Vice President, he has reason to rejoice for economic resurrection upon retirement. The Democrats didn’t give a hoot.)

Closer to home, we’ve seen in full circle the whole gamut of history repeating itself.

As Arnold Toynbee famously said, “Of the twenty-two civilizations that have appeared in history, nineteen of them collapsed when they reached the moral state the United States is in now.”

We kicked out the thieving Marcos conjugal partnership. In its place, we installed a saint who led us to inaction and prayers.

Erap and his nocturnal Malacanang pirates were shoved in the calaboose. Immediately we mounted a moral pygmy onto our own pedestal pining for a “gentler, and better presidency.” We were soon disillusioned when we were introduced rudely to her incredibly rapacious estranged espouse. (Erap in hindsight was nanghihinayang with the unbeatable team up of Erap with Lito Lapid in May, 1998. He harassed Lito with myriad Ombudsman cases that led to the latter’s suspension early on the former’s presidency. Had Lito been Erap’s Vice President, Ramos and company could have thought a million times before undermining Erap’s helm).

Asked why he had not replaced Spiro Agnew on the 1972 ticket, Richard Nixon replied, that Agnew was his “insurance policy” because “no assassin in his right mind would kill me.”

So, let’s cease pontificating about morals. As Vittorio De Sica remarked, “moral indignation in most cases is, 2% moral, 48% indignation, and 50% envy.”

An amorous bishop? Well, maybe Bishop Lugo found himself deluded finally by Rules he found romantic in his youth.

Let’s not deny him his happiness per his Rules at last.




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