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The Gentleman from Bilibid

May 11, 2022Articles0 comments

There was a time when a love triangle among Kris, Goma and Binoy was fare (not par) for the course. Kris was the most sought after celeb. There even was a scuffle in Malacañang grounds where Goma was flattened by a flying kick of Binoy. During FVR’s watch Binoy was jailed for illegal possession in the National Penitentiary. The law was amended shortening jail time thru Ramon Revilla Sr resulting in the early release of Binoy. He ran unsuccessfully in several local posts: Vice Gov in Nueva Ecija and Congressman somewhere. Goma ventured in politics as well: party list first then a Senate run (Cesar Montano was a fellow traveller) losing in the process. Digong’s magic rubbed on Binoy. Right now he nosed out the fave top notcher, Raffy Tulfo. By June 30 at high noon Binoy is sworn in as a Number 1 Senator along the league of Jovy Salonga Ninoy Aquino Turing Tolentino Claro Recto Frank Drilon. In a Tiktok post he dances ‘paro-paro-G’ in utter triumphalism. He is now in the process of filing a bill in the Senate criminalizing revelations by one-night hook ups on the size of his weiner.

Photo credit: https://www.rappler.com/nation/152488-duterte-grants-executive-clemency-robin-padilla/



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