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The Mysterious Smirk

Apr 20, 2022Articles0 comments

From an article of Maritess Vitug, we gathered that one Rolando Gapud was the financial wizard of the Marcoses in creating legal fictions or corporate veils to hide the true ownerships of the crown jewels, no pun meant, of the Conjugal Partnership. Gapud narrated in his Aide Memoir submitted to PCCG Chair Jovito Salonga how he devised sub rosa documents detailing ownerships of the Marcoses in the fields of banking, transportation, manufacturing, mining and other giant industries during their reign. One of them is Security Bank. GMA7 real ownership was mentioned by Justice Carpio in one of his interviews. Gapud, in fact, testified before the Sandiganbayan, in several sequestration cases stymied by lawyer-client confidentiality rule.

So the ZAMORAS are nothing but Trustees of BBM, heir of the Trustor?…Who else holds Trust Agreements of the Marcoses who are in our midst?

The Duavits & the Gozos now appear who seem to be who they are. For the longest time they strut hereabouts as some legit businessmen buying a piece of Forbes Park because as one of them brags, “he has arrived.”

Unwittingly, the likes of Jessica Soho is sicced upon the heirs. Sensing the media ambush, the heir running for president dodged the debates claiming bias of the host. While he lost some points, the heir remains the the survey crest.

The late Dinky Soliman, while in the good graces of GMA in the thick of battle with FPJ, remarked: “To cheat is patriotic!”

Is it patriotic to say in parallel “to steal from a thief (and keep it) is patriotic?”

And…ironically, the newly uncovered thief plunks some cash in the kitty of Leni. Well, Cardinal Sin famously said that, “I don’t care where the money comes as long as it helps our cause!”

Now I understand the mysterious smirk of the heir who’s on top of the heap.

Image credit: https://www.facebook.com/ThetruthabouttheMarcosfamily/photos/d41d8cd9/1647989315527042/



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