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The Second Assasination of Ninoy Aquino

Jul 11, 2024Articles0 comments

While BBM (the second coming) was mimicking his father’s bombast (in baritone voice) at the Luneta, this messiah was retrofitting PH Independence Day as the felicitous replacement (although annually celebrated as legal holiday) of the EDSA revolt memorialized every February 24.

The EDSA event is on the crosshair of historical rewriting the Marcoses have embarked on upon BBM’s inauguration.

One proof was when Liza Marcos stuck her tongue addressed to no one but the 14M who allegedly voted for Leni Robredo.

Conspicuous was the pompous celebration of the Kasarinlan Day. Floats from all over graced the occasion.

Concerts (by BINI) wowed the crowed (most probably from del Pilar street of Malate and Leveriza of Pasay).

Expect henceforth an annual extravagant bash of June 12.

Ninoy fell in 1983 on the tarmac of the now airport named after him.

The dynamic of the killing led to February 24-26 event that reverberated around the world (where the Romanians tweaked it by hanging the Ceausescus. The Romania experience, it turned out, was the better version as apt solution where dictatorships rear their ugly head in the future).

For two years now, EDSA is deserted by February 24-26.

The monument (that looks like a sea urchin) at the corner of Edsa and White Plains looks forlorn and abandoned.

Pinoys go on with their usual gut-filling activities unmindful of the daily grind where freedom is on the best part of our lives that Ninoy Aquino’s death brought forth.

Ninoy Aquino met his death a second time around.

Image credit: https://peopleasia.ph/keeping-ninoy-aquinos-legacy-alive-among-todays-filipinos/



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