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The Thieving Stretch

Sep 5, 2021Articles0 comments

As a general rule a President steals at the last lap of his/her term. With the exception of Erap thinking he got much political capital by way of electoral landslide, his theft began on the first 12 months of his term. He tinkered with PAGCOR franchise and PCSO charter. Macau casino operators started invading Manila with a Trojan Horse: Floating Restaurant off Folks Arts Theatre. Erap, after being deposed, GMA occupied Malacañang. Gunning for a 10-year term her First Gentleman Mike Arroyo got an idea incubated by Erap. With the help of the Firm and enforced by Efraim Genuino, Arroyo blueprinted the retailing of casino operations first with Genting group and perfected the grandfather shares in Okada Solaire Aseana before PNoy ascended to Malacañang. FVR? He placed Doy Laurel on the chopping block of the Pampanga Xmas Village which proved to be a white elephant after Erap was sworn in. PNoy? Ask Sec Garin. At the last inch of PNoy term, one Persida Acosta turned health specialist on dengue and heaped multiple homicides thru recklessness versus the bowing out president.

Now is the time of Duterte to make a killing, no pun meant. He is at the ditch of a 6-year term. Armed with trillions of pesos in pandemic measures, the loot proved to be irresistible.

His legacy? In the ASEAN the PH becomes the haven of dark capital. His investors are questionable characters wanted by their governments.

Is there an island somewhere dedicated to these low lifes secured by the hitmen of the PNP?

Pity this country christened first by Magellan as Las Islas de los Ladrones; the Americans, Highwaymen; the Japanese, Dorobos; and now the Chinese as the Islands of Hao Shaos. This country has a continuing romance with the likes of the Biblical Barabbas.

Image from: https://politics.com.ph/happy-birthday-boss-heres-abella-andanar-wish-duterte/



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