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When Will Lawyers Get Obsolete?

Oct 17, 2022Articles0 comments

“Copies of the DOJ resolution (indicting Kazuo Okada, owner of Okada Casino, and his partner Tony Boy Cojuangco) were sent to the lawyers of the parties involved, including DivinaLaw as counsels for the complainants, as well as lawyers Raoul Sontillano, Ferdinand Michael Marcos Manotoc and Jefferson Wilfredo Ferrer who were the counsels for the respondents.”

We have a new super lawyer, Ferdinand Michael Marcos Manotoc, under BBM watch representing loaded clients like Kazuo Okada and Tony Boy Barreto Ang.

In 1999, under Erap watch, Tony Boy got the ire of Imelda Marcos when he sold his majority share at PLDT to MVP’s boss, the Salims, brokered by the late ‘corporate genius’ Mario ?Crespo for US$350M. Imelda claims that her husband owns PLDT thru a Trust Agreement drafted by ACCRA lawyers. Tony Boy used the Trust Agreement as blood-sponge of Gretchen.

Under Duterte, one lawyer babysitter, Atty Mans Carpio, was the much sought after counsel by heavyhitters of a client Alexander Wongchuking, owner of Mighty Cigarettes accused of mighty tax evasion. Duterte, eschewing legal ethics and the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees declared that there is nothing wrong with his son-in-law lawyering before government agencies like the Bureau of Customs saying the latter ‘has to provide for his family’.

Under Martial Law, ACCRA was founded by JPE to shepherd foreign investors and draft Trust Agreements in favor of Marcos Sr. Under FVR, The Firm was strengthened to handle FVR’s personal assets.

Came GMA watch and one Atty. Mike Pidal ruled the legal roost humbling The Firm as just his gofers.

How about under PNoy’s watch? The foremost law firm is none other than MOST: Marcos Ochoa Serapio Tan. The M in that law outfit is Liza Marcos, the now First Lady and the O is Paquito Ochoa, PNoy’s ES.

Discretion in government has a price tag peddled in the market of corruption. Words spread swiftly in the rent-seeking government departments to cater on the business business sector and the shady entrepreneurs that there is a new kid in town ready to affix his expensive signatures in letters of intent enough to cause the tremors of the hands of apparatchiks and judges alike.

Gone are the days when legal luminaries like Vicente Francisco, Jose Diokno, or Dakila Castro slug it out before the lower courts and the highest court any legal issues on the merits resolved by the likes of JBL Reyes, Roberto Concepcion, Manuel Moran or Cesar Bengzon.

One doesn’t have to buy Lotto now to be one of the 433. All you have is proximity to the corridors of power to practice prostitution, err…your profession.


Image credit: https://www.reuters.com/markets/asia/japans-universal-entertainment-takes-over-operations-okada-manila-casino-2022-09-04/



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