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Why Appeal for Unity is Hollow

Jul 28, 2022Articles0 comments

Whenever a new regime is hatched after elections, there is a feeling of renewal or what the Castillans say esperanza.

On the contrary, even the espera being sold by the PCSO lottos does not bite anymore. There is no feeling of hope when Marcos 2.0 was ushered in preceded by its reputation.

1983-1985 were the years of want and hunger. 36 years later, we installed a redux of 1965-1986.

Now the call of Unity.

When a family steep in notoriety walks courtesy of no less than the Ombudsman’s blessing, something is wrong with our justice system.

The dismissal of a plunder case involving a ?60M contract between family members smacks of tortuous logic. The Ombudsman used amateur logic in exonerating those involved in the scandalous deal. There was no conspiracy among the siblings, the graft-buster reasoned out.

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes had occasion to say that the “The life of the law has not been logic; it has been experience…”

When the Commission on Audit flagged the transaction, one Erwin Tulfo went on air lambasting the CoA Chair in a language only their kind can muster.

One member of this family ‘parted ways with Ping Lacson’ when Ping cut off the media allowance given by predecessors enjoyed by the older brother.

Ping, for several yeas as PNP Chief, was at the crosshairs of the family. There are anecdotal evidence where members of this family approach cabinet members soliciting contracts in favor of their clients. Ever wondered why they strut along the league of Ramon Ang, the Sys, the Tans, the Villars etc without visible income or businesses? 32 years ago the elder Tulfo drove a Mercedes and a new model every year thereafter. If there’s a new sequel to The Godfather, this family deserves Godfather 4. One has to give it to them. Elected leaders don’t want to cross them.

How they’re to be treated by a new entrant in Malacañang deserves one meeting by the inner circle of the president. Under the Marcos 2.0 presidency, a member of this family is appointed secretary of DSWD, a department with an annual budget of ?202,449,416,000.00!! The family first tasted the Tourism Department. Now it’s the social welfare portfolio with obeisant suppliers looking for a lauriat. We don’t expect some members of Congress for a free pass. The appointment gives the Executive branch (and cabinet members) peace of mind in doing the affairs of government for the next six years free from the attack-and-collect:defend-and-collect from this family. Implied in DSWD’s job desciption currently is siccing this appointee and his pack against the critics of Marcos 2.0.

Speaking of the CoA…




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